Titans Season 2

Titans Season 2

Year: Duration: 43 MinView: 122 views
3155 votes, average 8.0 out of 10

Titans’ Season 2 premiere is an extremely messy episode, with one half tasked with wrapping up Season 1’s Trigon storyline and the other laying the groundwork for a new status quo and new villain. “Trigon” doesn’t find much success with the former, delivering a quick, anticlimactic finish to the battle between Raven and her father. But at least the series’ new direction shows promise. With the renewed emphasis on the Dick Grayson/Jason Todd dynamic and the debuts of Bruce Wayne and Slade Wilson, there’s little reason to assume this lackluster premiere is a sign of things to come in Season 2.

Last Air Date:29 Nov 2019
Number Of Episode:13

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