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Three actors are here as presenters to deliver the messages about the struggles and love of humans toward the wild animals in 11 countries including Botswana, Zimbabwe, the Republic of South Africa, and America. Ryu Seung Yong goes to Zimbabwe to meet with lions, the king of Africa, and takes care of the lions that were exploited by humans and lost their families and natural instincts as a result. In Botswana, the country that used to be famous as the kingdom of elephants, Actress Park Shin Hye encounters a dead elephant whose head is cut alive. Many Americans enjoy wildlife-hunting as a kind of sports activities. Actor Yoo Hai Jin visits Ben Kilham’s bear rehabilitation center located in deep in the remote forest. “Humanimal” is about the humans that kill animals for their own interests and fun and the humans who strive to save animals from them.

Last Air Date:9 Jan 2020
Number Of Episode:5

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